New York Giants Unveil 1933 Throwback Uniform

New York Giants Unveil 1933 Throwback Uniform

Back on April 21, a purported 1933 New York Giants throwback jersey was leaked by Antonio Brown’s @CtespnN account. A Uni Watch source confirmed to me that the leak matched a jersey that he’d seen on a list of new designs for the 2024 season.

Today the Giants have finally unveiled the 1933 throwback, which is part of the team’s 100th-season celebration. As you can see above, the design features a vaguely Montreal Canadiens-esque jersey, a winged helmet, canvas-colored pants, and striped socks (although it remains to be seen whether the players will actually wear the socks that way on the field).

Here are some additional photos:

As you can see, the throwback includes a 100th-season jersey patch. You can learn more about the patch design here.

I wouldn’t want the Giants to wear this uniform on a full-time basis. But as an occasional acknowledgment of the team’s deep history? I love it.

Here’s the Gridiron Uniform Database’s mock-up of the 1933 uniform on which the throwback is based:

And here’s a Pro Football Journal colorization of a game photo from that season (note the nattily attired officials!):

The Giants say this throwback will be worn “up to two times this year,” but they haven’t yet announced which games those will be. It’s also not clear, at least to me, if this is a one-season design to commemorate the team’s centennial, or if it will be carried over into next year, but I’m sure those details will emerge soon enough.

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