The New York Giants are all set to feature in HBO’s NFL docuseries Hard Knocks, a move that breaks their former reluctance to participate in the popular show.


Additionally, they’re primed to be the first team showcased in a new offseason edition of the programme, leaving the door open for potential Chicago Bears coverage during this summer’s training camp. Historically, some NFL teams have voiced opposition to the inclusion of camera crews in their operations; a sentiment echoed by Giants co-owner John Mara who once jested in 2010 that his team would agree to feature on the show when he was “with his father in the gates of heaven.”



However, an agreement was finally reached, and fans can now look forward to gaining a glimpse into the Giants’ offseason for the first time through the upcoming five-part series. Up until this point, Hard Knocks has primarily centred on showcasing training camp or the ongoing season.



In a revolutionary move, the Giants’ offseason proceedings will instead take centre stage. Slated to air on July 2, audiences can also anticipate another instalment covering training camp later in the year.


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While the teams participating in this latter edition are yet to be disclosed, it seems increasingly probable that the spotlight could be cast onto the Bears. Team owner George McCaskey shares an apprehensiveness toward permitting camera crews within the premises.

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