2024 NFL schedule release videos feat. New York Giants and more

Ranking 5 worst 2024 NFL schedule release videos feat. New York Giants and more

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
Ranking 5 worst 2024 NFL schedule release videos feat. New York Giants and more

The 2024 NFL schedule release videos are out. Social media is the new currency in 2024, and thankfully, most of the NFL franchises got the memo, as some teams did a phenomenal job.

However, some franchises seem to have alienated their fan bases with their less-than-ideal schedule release videos. Let’s explore five of the worst such videos and where the teams got things wrong.

The five worst NFL schedule release videos

#5 Carolina Panthers



The Carolina Panthers had a nightmare 2023 NFL season, and they will look to put behind their woes in this new league year. The year was so bad that the Panthers didn’t get a single primetime game for the 2024 season.

The Panthers didn’t do themselves any favors by releasing an art-centric schedule video. Their fans don’t appear to be pleased with it, and to exacerbate matters, Bryce Young isn’t in the video.

#4 Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos decided to go unorthodox in their 2024 schedule video. They invited one of their owners, Formula 1 legend Sir Lewis Hamilton, to try meals from the cities of their different opponents for the upcoming season.

While we understand the desire to be different, the Broncos dropped the ball with the celebrity they chose for the video. Rather than \Hamilton, why not have a Broncos legend like Peyton Manning?

A lot of loyal Broncos fans are sharing similar sentiments online.

#3 Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys chose the prank call route in their 2024 schedule video. Jerry Jones, Michael Irvin, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cheerleaders prank video-called celebrity fans of their opponents for the 2024 NFL season.

This schedule release video could have been genius if Jerry Jones and Co. were more relaxed in the videos. Celebrities like Jake Paul, Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, Saweetie, RGIII and John Wall looked as surprised as we were.

#2 New York Jets

The New York Jets had perhaps the most head-scratching schedule release video of 2024. The franchise started by doing a pizza and raffle ticket promo on the streets and ended with a three-second clip of their schedule for the upcoming season.

#1 New York Giants

You don’t get cool points for doing a Q&A about something other franchises are doing well. However, that’s what the New York Giants chose to do during the NFL schedule release for 2024.

Maybe it’s a New York thing, but more thought could have gone into the whole process. That’s why the Giants’ schedule release video for 2024 is the least impressive.

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