NY Giants 2024 Primetime Games: Schedule & Matchups Revealed

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The NY Giants will have four primetime games in the 2024 season, despite a lackluster performance last year. Fans can look forward to match-ups against the Cowboys, Bengals, and Steelers, including a special Thanksgiving Day game. The team’s new additions, such as Brian Burns, are fueling excitement for improved performance under new defensive coordinator Shane Bowen.

By the Numbers
  • Week 4: Thursday Night Football vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 6: Sunday Night Football vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 8: Monday Night Football at Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 10: International game vs. Carolina Panthers in Munich, Germany
Yes, But

The Giants have been struggling against strong teams like the Cowboys and Steelers in recent years, casting doubt on how they will perform in these high-stake games.

State of Play
  • Optimism is high with the introduction of Brian Burns and Shane Bowen in key defensive roles.
  • The Thanksgiving Day game against the Cowboys is a highlight for fans.
What’s Next

The team’s performance in these games will be scrutinized as indicators of their progress and potential for the rest of the season. Success in these primetime matchups could vastly improve their standings and fan morale.

Bottom Line

While the NY Giants don’t dominate the primetime schedule like top teams, their upcoming games offer crucial opportunities. The impact of new team additions and key match-ups will be central to their 2024 narrative.

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