BREAKING NEWS: The injury of Toronto blue jays superfan has injured at the bright right hand side after hitting the face by….

Toronto Blue Jays superfan looks on the bright side after getting hit in the face by Bo Bichette’s 110 mph foul ball

Even though the Blue Jays superfan who went viral after being struck in the face by a foul ball is still in excruciating agony, she is overjoyed at how her bad luck has changed. Toronto resident Liz McGuire has received an outpouring of support and concern from strangers, Blue Jays officials, and businesses hoping to capitalise on a painful circumstance for positive press.

All of this occurred after Bo Bichette’s foul ball struck McGuire in the forehead during Friday’s Blue Jays home game against the Tampa Bay Rays in the eighth inning.

Despite the team’s defeat, the Jays enthusiast, who has attended 20 games this season, was having a blast. She recalled being abruptly interrupted as she turned to face one of her companions to “chirp” about the prospect of robot empires in the future.

She said to Yahoo Canada, “I get rocked when I hear someone scream far away.” “Everything turns dark. I am aware of exactly what was going on—I was struck right away.

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