BREAKING NEWS: The Rams coach has an amazing memory for play calls from previous….

LA Rams coach shows remarkable recall remembering play calls from past NFL games

Sean McVay, the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, has demonstrated his extraordinary memory by recalling play calls from games past against the team’s opponents in 2024.

NFL fans were one again taken aback by Sean McVay’s display of his recall of play calls from previous Los Angeles Rams games.

McVay, 38, has been coaching the Rams for the past seven seasons, so he has a tonne of plays from his nearly ten-year stay in Los Angeles to commit to memory. Before starting his second year on the job, he demonstrated his remarkable talent by recalling plays from his time as the offensive coordinator in Washington in 2015.

McVay opened the showcase by reminiscing about the victorious 2021 Super Bowl season and a home game against the Detroit Lions in Week 7. When asked about a specific play call during the fourth quarter, the Rams coach answered right away.

He continued by honouring the person who was the target of Aaron Donald’s 100th career sack. “It was an incredible play,” he said. “Total lay-out on Arizona Cardinals player Kyler Murray. Additionally, I still need to get him to sign the image. The coach also recalled the play call from that year’s NFC Championship Game, which prompted Kupp to break into an unusually emotional cry. McVay remarked, “Good old-fashioned choice for him.”

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