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What Darren Waller’s retirement means for the New York Giants

It seemed like a good deal to acquire Darren Waller in the previous offseason. For no more than a third-round pick, the New York Giants were receiving a tight end of the caliber of a Pro Bowl player to compliment quarterback Daniel Jones. For a club coming off of a playoff berth (and wild-card triumph), it appeared to be the ideal answer, but running back Saquon Barkley still needed additional weapons, even if

After a little over a year, the Las Vegas Raiders appear to have made a great deal on the transaction. The third-round selection that the Giants acquired in the Kadarius Toney trade to the Kansas City Chiefs was squandered. Before announcing his retirement, Waller gave the Giants slightly over 500 yards and one score, a source told ESPN on Sunday.

Waller was acquired by the Giants in exchange for being their top receiver. Considering the team had just inked Jones to a four-year, $160 million contract extension, it was the best way to handle a sticky situation at the time. They needed a short-term solution to sustain their recently paid quarterback, and there wasn’t much competition for elite wide receivers. Adding seasoned receivers like Waller and Parris Campbell in the summer allows Schoen to give the player more time to flourish. “You do a deal with Daniel and you see how it was structured,” Schoen said earlier this year.

Just over one year later, the trade looks like a steal for the Las Vegas Raiders. The Giants wasted that third-round pick that came from the trade of Kadarius Toney to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Waller provided the Giants just over 500 yards and one touchdown before the team was informed of his retirement, a source told ESPN on Sunday.

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