Carl Banks and the Daniel Jones reality ‘people want to discount


Carl Banks and the Daniel Jones reality ‘people want to discount’

New York Giants legend Carl Banks is often called a Daniel Jones apologist for his analysis of the controversial quarterback, but that hasn’t changed his approach to commentary.


Banks remains true to his eyes and football knowledge when it comes to Jones, which has, at times, created a social media whirlwind.


Recently, Banks took aim at Giants fans who have made it their life’s work to — as he puts it — crap on DJ.


“I think we’re in goofy land right now. Let’s preface this: There’s a certain sector of folks that call themselves Giant fans that have made it their life’s work to (expletive) on Daniel Jones,” Banks told Bob Papa. “And it’s to the point — and they don’t even realize it — it’s to the point to where they’re so goofy with these takes, that it’s making Daniel Jones a sympathetic figure.”


After further pushback from the “goofy” social media crowd, Banks again sought to balance the illogical hate with a tiny bit of reality.


During an interview with Forbes, Banks stated the obvious: A historically bad offensive line will negatively impact any quarterback under center, Jones included.


“Some people think he was never good and that’s fine,” Banks said. “In the NFL, if you give up a historical amount of sacks, number one, your quarterback doesn’t finish the season. Number two, he doesn’t make great decisions under duress because he’s getting hit so much. That’s a reality that people want to discount. I’m a guy who hit quarterbacks. I know how it impacts their decision-making. And when you give up a record amount of sacks, decision-making gets tough.


“(Jones) didn’t play well last year prior to getting injured. But he would tell you that too. There’s a cause and effect to that. People always accuse me of being a Daniel Jones sympathizer, but I understand how the game is played and fans see it in a different lens. You have to look at the entire process of why people fail or succeed.”


As Jones continues to recover from a torn ACL, Banks believes the starting job is his to lose — even with veteran Drew Lock and Tommy DeVito lurking.


“It’s Daniel Jones’ job to lose, but I think they’re going to compete,” said Banks. “I don’t think it’s really going to matter if the offensive line doesn’t play well. I think this offensive line will be the key to whoever wins the starting quarterback job. If it’s Drew Lock, I think everybody will get behind that. But it’s Daniel Jones’ job to lose.”


In an ideal world, the Giants’ offensive line will take a significant leap forward in 2024, allowing Jones to remain healthy and productive.

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