Day Two of 2024 New York Giants Rookie Mini-Camp

Day Two of 2024 New York Giants Rookie Mini-Camp

The second and last day of the New York Giants two-day rookie mini-camp was held on Saturday at Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There were 75 players in attendance, including the team’s six 2024 draft picks, eight signed undrafted rookie free agents, five players previously on the roster, three veteran tryout players, and 53 rookie tryout players.

When asked about the 53 tryout players, Head Coach Brian Daboll said, “You don’t want anybody to slip through the cracks, so you bring as many people as you can in and give them an opportunity. Again maybe you sign one, maybe you sign two or you don’t sign any. But I think it’s good for those guys to get an opportunity and for us to get eyes on them doing some of our stuff, and if someone we think is worth bringing up and signing, that’s what we’

ll do.”

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