Giants Named Trade Fit for Familiar WR to ‘Support’ Malik Nabers

Giants Named Trade Fit for Familiar WR to ‘Support’ Malik Nabers

Getty The New York Giants have been named a trade fit for a familiar WR to “support” rookie Malik Nabers.

Taking Malik Nabers with the sixth-overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft improved their options at wide receiver, but the New York Giants need to do more, maybe by trading for Tennessee Titans’ wideout Treylon Burks, a former first-round pick familiar to members of Big Blue’s coaching staff.


The Giants are a worthy trade fit for Burks, who would be a credible supporting act for Nabers, according to the Draft Network’s Justin Melo. He believes “Nabers immediately projects as a go-to playmaker, but who’s going to support him remains a question.”


Melo thinks a trade for Burks would answer that question because Giants “Head coach Brian Daboll hired several assistants who are familiar with Burks this offseason. Burks’ 2023 offensive coordinator was Tim Kelly, who is now the Giants’ tight ends coach. Defensive coordinator Shane Bowen also made a lateral move. If Kelly and Bowen have glowing things to say about Burks’ talent and/or work ethic, the Giants would have little to lose by allowing him to rehabilitate his career.”


Inside knowledge is valuable, but striking a deal for Burks would still be a roll of the dice for the Giants. Even though he has some intriguing physical talent the Titans might be willing to part with after adding Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd in free agency.

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