Giants Offseason PFF Grade: No Saquon, No QB – But a ‘B+’?

  • Giants Offseason PFF Grade: No Saquon, No QB – But a ‘B+’?

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New York Giants
New York Giants

Brian Daboll got smaller.

Did the New York Giants get bigger?

Coach Daboll’s weight loss marks an impressive feat that surely brings joy to the long-time heavyweight boss. What can also put a smile on his face?

Pro Football Focus being correct about the offseason grade it assigned his team.

The Giants get a grade of “B+” … something some might find stunning given that they …

1 – Lost their best player in free agency.

2 – Failed to accomplish Job One, which was to find a real answer at QB.

PFF’s writer, though, sees the positives here. …

daboll 2

They praise the trade for Brian Burns while rather off-handedly dismissing the loss of Saquon Barkley, writing, that at least they “reunited head coach Brian Daboll with running back Devin Singletary to quell the sting of Barkley’s departure.”

Umm, no. Singletary does not “quell the sting” of the departure of the team’s best player.

PFF is also thumbs-up on the Giants draft … but then goes the dismissive route again.

“They weren’t able to change their quarterback situation,” PFF writes. “But that wasn’t totally in their control.”

daboll 2 In truth, Daniel Jones being the Giants’ highly paid starter is within their control. And they could’ve drafted or otherwise acquired a QB (beyond Drew Lock) and opted to not do so.

Still, the Giants will take the “B+” with hopes that they actually earn it when games kick off.

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