Giants Refuse to Tank in Lost Season

Giants Refuse to Tank in Lost Season

Head coach Brian Daboll wants his players and coaches to approach these seven remaining games as though there is still something to play for.

Despite their playoff hopes having evaporated and there being nothing in the 2023 season to play for, the New York Giants have no plans to tank on their remaining seven games, even if it means potentially wrapping up the first or second-overall pick in next year’s draft.


Instead, head coach Brian Daboll is approaching each week, each game as though there is something to play for at the end of the season.


“We’re in a competitive business,” he said when asked about tanking. “Try to compete in everything you do.”


Despite their intentions to compete, the Giants have, more often than not this season, looked overmatched, overwhelmed, and noncompetitive in their games. Six of their eight losses have been by two or more scores, and five (including their last two) have seen them yield 30+ points to opponents.


“Nobody’s happy,” Daboll said when asked if he’s heard from team ownership regarding the team’s lost season.


Daboll refused to delve much deeper into any conversations he’s had with team ownership regarding his status for next year, insisting his focus was on getting the team ready for this week’s game against Washington. But it would be a major upset if last year’s reigning Coach of the Year award winner and general manager Joe Schoen weren’t brought back for a third season to fix a mess they created.


“We’re working at it,” Daboll said when asked if there was anything drastic he was planning to do this week to get the team on track. “We’re trying to do everything we can do to improve.”

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