Giants Roster Ranked Among Worst Before Draft by The Athletic

Giants Roster Ranked Among Worst Before Draft by The Athletic


The New York Giants finished last season with one of the most unstable rosters that led to a 6-11 record last season. While a big focus was on the offensive line play, the truth is that the Giants needed help in several areas.


Thus, it shaped general manager Joe Schoen’s off-season to-do list. In addition to adding five offensive linemen to a unit that has consistently ranked at or near the bottom of the league the last few years, he acquired edge rusher Brian Burns in a trade, signed running backs Devin Singletary and Dante Miller, and added to special teams and the defense.

These additions, however, apparently weren’t enough to impress Austin Mock of The Athletic. In his ranking of all 32 NFL rosters before this week’s draft, the Giants are No. 30, ahead of the Panthers at 31 and the Commanders at 32.


Notes Mock of his ranking:


“Two teams rank worse for 2024, but I think the Giants might be in the worst shape for the future. The Giants have paid a quarterback, who isn’t the answer, a ton of money, and they don’t have a pick to draft one of the top prospects in this year’s draft. They could move up to get one, but if they don’t, I suppose wide receiver makes the most sense.”

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