Is the Giants’ 2024 roster better than the one Joe Schoen inherited after the 2021 season?

Is the Giants’ 2024 roster better than the one Joe Schoen inherited after the 2021 season?

There are 11 players on the current 90-man roster who were drafted or signed by Gettleman. They are:

WR Darius Slayton, LT Andrew Thomas, DT Dexter Lawrence, edge Azeez Ojulari, CB Aaron Robinson, PK Graham Gano, LS Casey Kreiter, RB Gary Brightwell, LB Carter Coughlin, CB Darnay Holmes, QB Daniel Jones.

The genesis of this post comes from a question sent to the Big Blue View Mailbag by Bob Donnelly. He suggested placing each position group into one of three buckets — better, neutral, worse. So, that’s what I will try to do.


Final 2021 roster — Daniel Jones (IR), Mike Glennon, Jake Fromm
Current roster — Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, Tommy Devito We might as well get right into the meat of the discussion.

Daniel Jones is still Daniel Jones. If you want to look at Jones’ 2022 season you might say he’s better than he was. If you look at last year, you might say worse. I’ll just say Jones is Jones, and call that “neutral.”

Lock and DeVito are an upgrade from Glennon and Fromm.

Overall score: Better … at the backup spots.

The problem with “better” is that unless Jones plays to his 2022 level or above, the Giants are not better where they really need to be. At QB1.

There is a lot of fuss about Drew Lock potentially beating out Jones for the starting job. That could happen, I suppose. Lock will get most of the work in the spring, and Jones probably won’t play in preseason. Lock could look good enough to convince coach Brian Daboll to roll with him. Problem with that is, well, Lock is Lock. He has already failed at two NFL stops. I will believe he can be more a backup or a placeholder when he actually shows it.

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