Liverpool FC honors the 39 fans who died on this day, 38 years ago, in the Heysel stadium in Belgium.

Liverpool FC commemorates the 39 fans who lost their lives on this day 38 years ago at the Heysel stadium in Belgium.

The disaster occurred before the European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus on 29 May 1985, when events in the Z Block of the stadium tragically led to the deaths of 39 people and hundreds injured.

Out of respect for those who have died, a floral tribute was placed next to the Heysel memorial plaque in the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand at Anfield today. Flags will be flown at half-mast throughout the day on all club grounds.

In January, Mayor of Turin Stefano Lo Russo visited Anfield as part of the official handover of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, joining LFC Ambassador Ian Rush and Communications Director Susan Black to lay a wreath and pay tribute to those who are died in the Heysel stadium disaster.

Black said: “This is a poignant and important day in our club’s history and a day when we come together to pay tribute to the 39 people who lost their lives at Heysel and to remember all those who lost life. tragedy.”
In memory and friendship.

Rocco Acerra

Bruno Balli

Alphonse Bos

Giancarlo Bruschera

Andrea Casula

Jean Casula

Nino Cerullo

Willy Chielens

Josephine Conti

Dirk Daenecky

Dionisio Fabro

Jacques Francois

Eugene Gagliano

Francesco Galli

Giancarlo Gonelli

Alberto Guarini

Giovacchino Landini

Roberto Lorentini

Barbara Lusci

Franco Martelli

Gianni Mastroiaco

Sergio Bastino Mazzino

Mr. Loris

Luciano Rocco Papaluca

Luigi Pidone

Benito Pistolato

Patrick Radcliffe

Dominique Garçons

Antonio Ragnano


Mario Ronchi

Dominique Russo

Tarcisio Salvi

Gianfranco Sarto

Joseph Spalaore

Mario Spano

Tarcisio Venturino

Jean-Michel Walla

Claude Zavaroni

Rest in peaceyou will never walk alone

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