To sign a $64 million target, Liverpool is willing to go outside its own transfer policy. Gavin Bale



A reported transfer target from Liverpool would match the hype over Gareth Bale and could prompt the Reds to break with convention. Every transmission carries some risk. Take for example Liverpool’s $68m contract for Naby Keïta. Few of the Reds’ signings have come with higher expectations. Keïta is likely to dominate the Premier League midfield for years to come after becoming one of the best players in the Bundesliga.

Ultimately, however, a fairly notable injury streak would ruin the Guinean’s career at Anfield and he would retire as a free agent at the end of his initial five-year contract. He returned to Germany with Werder Bremen where injuries have already struck.

However, there aren’t many great offers from Jürgen Klopp that you can look at and call a truly meaningful bet.

Not everyone was convinced by Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, as the former had been inconsistent at Southampton and the latter notoriously struggled at Chelsea. But Mane had already shown an elite level ceiling that Klopp could always unlock, while Salah had restored his reputation with major campaigns in Fiorentina and Rome.

Georginio Wijnaldum technically came from relegated Newcastle United, but he proved in the Eredivisie with Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven that he was more of a Champions League player than a league player. Andy Robertson also came from the second tier but joined for at least $10m (£8m/€9.4m).

Alisson, Virgil van Dijk and Dominik Szoboszlai are the most expensive goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders in Liverpool’s history, but the first two were among the best in their positions even before the switch, and the third is on track to be at 22.

Darwin Núñez is the Reds’ biggest ever offensive signing. While it was a bold decision to spend up to $110m (£85m/€99m) on a player with a truly productive season for a top European club under his belt, he is expected to explode in his second year, just as he has Done. in Portugal, justifying the investment after a mixed start.

Liverpool have occasionally signed players with poor injury records, but the risk of landing Thiago has been reduced by the $32m (£25m/€29m) fee and Arthur was effectively seen as the least bad option on the sidelines. Deadline Day Panic Market


In the end, the agreement proposed by the Reds for Roméo Lavia stands out. Liverpool could separate in the region of 64 million USD (50 million pounds Sterling / 1,58 million) – This is what Southampton reports the sportiness – for a player who only presented in 29 Premier League games. In fact, the club’s recruitment team previously organized 175 games as an appropriate sample size for a player (via Neil Jones / The Anfield Wrap), but Lavia only played 36 at the senior level.


And it seems crucial as if it is installed almost immediately like the beginning six Liverpool. The original plan may have been that Lavia is a long-term successor and a short-term competitor of Fabinho, but now there is a very real chance that a 19 year old after a single season, the environment Liverpool’s main defensive field is a refused club.

However, Klopp will not see it in this way and will rather focus on the obvious potential of the player. “I’ve spoken to Southampton fans and people at the club,” journalist Jacob Tanswell told The Redmen TV, “and they haven’t seen a player like him at the club since Gareth Bale made his move. breakthrough.”

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