Mohamed Salah’s refusal to settle for second-best can help Liverpool advance

Mohamed Salah’s reluctance to accept second-best can propel Liverpool forward


After Mohamed Salah’s ‘depressed’ apology to the fans after Liverpool failed to make the top four, Tim Ellis praises the Egyptian’s winning mentality.

Mo Salah has earned the right to speak his mind. This time last year, some fans may have been hiding behind the sofa as the Egyptian discussed his revenge against Real Madrid in Paris.

It just fits the number eleven territory. He has the right to say things that others would not even dare to say. Salah has once again expressed himself in a way that breaches his manager’s positivity. While Jurgen Klopp says he’s “absolutely fine” with the Europa League and they’re going to make it their league, the Reds’ talisman has just reiterated that it’s definitely not his cup of tea. At all.

It underscores the desperation that will hit everyone in the face when the September mid-week soundtracks are released in St James’ Park. What happened to a team that reached three of the last five finals? The disgust Salah feels is almost visceral. This Liverpool doesn’t do sloppy seconds. Despite thundering right into the home in a revamped style, there’s almost nothing tangible to show.

In keeping with the dejected mood Salah’s searing honesty has created, this weekend will be a sleepy Sunday rather than a ‘Super’ Sunday, as the Reds go into the final day with nothing to play for but the sweater.

This creates an unwanted change. Klopp’s Liverpool is always on a mission to go to the last corner.

It will be typical of this season for feelings to be so “meh” about the outcome of step 38.

A away bottom of the table Southampton will have no time for movies as drama concerns Leeds, Leicester and neighbors Everton once again fighting for their lives.

None of this was remotely foreseeable on that balmy July evening at King Power when Liverpool throttled a cruise control at Manchester City.


After utter heartbreak in City’s last game against Aston Villa and then a desperately difficult night in Paris on and off the pitch, Klopp’s warriors still had one more trophy to tiptoe to. They were hungrier, faster, fitter and more powerful, with a perfect start for Darwin Nunez. This delicious starter would surely end up in the pan and sizzle when the real meal offerings started at Craven Cottage. Much is obvious. They are currently 10 unbeaten in the league and they hope to add even more when the Premier League reopens in mid-August.


Nine losses this season is an anomaly, a terrible picture that must be painful because this team has very rarely lost anything at their best. Liverpool’s great strength has always been iron armor coupled with the belief that work ethic is paramount. The sense of purpose must be found beyond the substitution.

Liverpool have only been around for much of this season. Seeing Klopp watching Wolverhampton with his head down was eye-opening.

He even gave the traveling fans a little mea culpa from Loris Karius when the Reds were hit at Brighton. “Intensity is our identity” needs to be reworked.

Klopp recently said: “We all feel better now after winning a few games, it’s the biggest mood swing in the world of football.” Did he ask Mo?

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