New York Giants 2024 Training Camp Preview: TE Tyree Jackson

New York Giants 2024 Training Camp Preview: TE Tyree Jackson

Is there a role for Tyree Jackson with the New York Giants?

If you’re unfamiliar with New York Giants Tyree Jackson’s college career, bear with me for a second while I fill you in.


Jackson was once the starting quarterback for the University of Buffalo and was included in the first round of mock drafts by His story also included that he taught himself how to play quarterback by watching YouTube videos on the position.


As a 6-7 quarterback with a cannon for an arm that was an absolute mess mechanically, there was the belief that an NFL team would draft Jackson in hopes of fixing his mechanics and solving any issues he had as a passer.


Jackson was signed by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent in 2019, his mechanics were entrusted to be fixed by one Brian Daboll, the offensive coordinator at the time. It didn’t work out and Jackson was cut and ultimately drafted into the XFL.


When COVID hit and ended the XFL season, Jackson remained a free agent until early 2021, when the Philadelphia Eagles signed him as a tight end.


The quarterback-to-tight-end transition has been made before, Logan Thomas being the most notable to date, so this isn’t an entirely new move. But it is a difficult one.


Jackson’s got the size at 6-7” and 249 pounds, 96th percentile height, and 34th percentile weight for a tight end. Now entering his fourth year at the position, it’s time for their to be expectations for Jackson and to no longer be a pure project player.

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