New York Giants fans have mixed reactions to ‘Century Red’ uniforms, middling 2024 expectations


New York Giants fans have mixed reactions to ‘Century Red’ uniforms, middling 2024 expectations


Betting Approach following the 2024 NFL Schedule Release

We offered New York Giants fans polls on a pair of timely topics on Thursday — how they think the team will fare now that the 2024 NFL schedule is official and how they feel about the ‘Century Red’ throwback jerseys the team unveiled.


The results don’t show a lot of positivity on either front.


In our season-record poll, 40% (1,002) of 2,496 voters said the Giants would win eight or nine games. Another 37% (928) said the team would win six or seven games. A discouraged 13% (322) said the Giants would win five games or fewer. Only an optimistic 10% (244) thought the team could win 10 or more games.



How many games do you expect the Giants to win in the 2024 season?

Oddsmakers have the Giants favored in only three of 17 2024 games.


in our poll regarding the throwback jerseys, we offered three options. Of 2,115 voters, 445 (933 voters) thought the throwbacks were “awesome,” 34% (726) voters thought they were “awful” and 22% (456) didn’t care what the Giants wore as long as they win games.



What do you think of the Giants’ ‘Century Red’ throwback uniforms?

SB Nation’s James Dator thinks the throwbacks are among the worst of all time. Here is a sampling of some of the comments from Thursday.



Absolutely disgusting…and not in a good way. Seriously, awful.


I absolutely love it. They aren’t going to win any design awards but it kinda gives me a gritty, tough nosed, getting down and dirty feeling. Hopefully they embrace that style.


Epic. Audacious. Outrageous. These throwbacks look boss! The Giants got it right this time! The winged helmets, tan pants and red jerseys rock! Since I probably won’t make it to the next Centennial, best to all past, present and future Giants.

Robb Negron

These are some ugly jerseys. I doubt it’ll be the ugliest Giants related thing we see all year, but still.

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