NFL analyst bullish on breakout for New York Giants TE Theo Johnson 

NFL analyst bullish on breakout for New York Giants TE Theo Johnson

As the New York Giants await the decision of tight end Darren Waller, they made a contingency plan in the form of fourth-round pick Theo Johnson.


The Penn State product enters the NFL as one of the most athletic tight ends ever, and there will be plenty of opportunities for the rookie to carve out a role on a thin depth chart.

I really liked how Theo Johnson performed at the Senior Bowl, and he’s coming off a really nice year at Penn State, as well. He caught 34 passes and seven touchdowns in 2023, and proved himself as one of the best tight ends in the country. I have some hesitations to give him any sort of projections considering who his quarterbacks are. However, without Darren Waller, and with a thin line of talent when it comes to pass-catchers, Johnson is going to be the top tight end on the roster and is going to get a fair share of targets.


The lack of receiving production during Johnson’s collegiate career will raise some red flags, but box score scouting never paints the full picture.


Johnson showed plenty of potential despite the Penn State passing offense lacking consistency and upside. He’s not there yet, but there certainly is potential for Johnson to be a two-way tight end, especially with some of the blocking he’s shown on tape.


Johnson will have to fight his way up the depth chart, but there’s a world where he’s sitting at the top of it by the end of his rookie season.

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