PFF Selects John Michael Schmitz as Giants’ Breakout Candidate for 2024


PFF Selects John Michael Schmitz as Giants’ Breakout Candidate for 2024

The Giants’ second year center had an up-and-down rookie campaign.

Nowhere to go but up? That’s what Pro Football Focus’s Bradley Locker, had to say in his selection of New York Giants second-year center John Michael Schmitz as the Giants’ breakout candidate for this coming season.


Notes Locker, “There’s really nowhere to go but up for Schmitz after a thoroughly disappointing first season, in which he posted a 41.4 overall grade and a 26.9 pass-blocking grade as a rookie. If you’re looking for solace, his run-blocking grade was a bit better (51.3), and it’s worth noting that eight of his 30 pressures allowed came in Week 18.”


We’re not sure we’d call Schmitz’s first season “thoroughly disappointing.” (Even Locker contradicts that initial opinion in his attempt to present aspects of said performance in which Giants fans can take solace.)


To be fair to Schmitz, he did miss four games due to injury (three due to a shoulder issue and one due to a shin injury). Those injuries likely were a factor in his initial performance struggles.


What also needs to be considered here is the revolving door at guard he had next to him and the coaching he may have received as he tried to adjust to the circumstances around him, which might have been factors as well.


Still, Locker’s not completely wrong in noting that Schmitz needs to improve his game. As the season progressed, Schmitz’s technique and mental approach began to fade to the point where he began losing more snaps than he won.


It was also surprising that Schmitz, who sometimes had mobility issues, did not play with more power throughout his rookie season.


So, no, the performance wasn’t close to being perfect, but again, it wasn’t a complete disaster. The good news is that Schmitz is a smart player who will cause all to be forgiven and forgotten if he makes that big leap in his second season.

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