The New York Giants’ Commemorative Uniforms Are An Affront To Humanity And Need To Be Destroyed

The New York Giants’ Commemorative Uniforms Are An Affront To Humanity And Need To Be Destroyed

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The New York Giants need to be stopped.

Now, not their offense. That is actually stopped quite easily these days.

But the organization as a whole is a danger to society after releasing one of the most hideous uniforms we have ever laid eyes on.

The Giants are celebrating their 100th season with new “Century Red” uniforms that commemorate the team’s history. The new uniforms combine elements from multiple seasons across the team’s history.

“The uniform platform is presented by United Airlines and is the culmination of a two-year process in partnership with the NFL,” the team stated in a press release.

“The uniform harkens back to the earliest days of the franchise and features tan pants; red socks with blue and white stripes from the team’s inaugural 1925 season; red jerseys accented with blue from 1933, when the Giants played in the first ever NFL Championship Game; and an iconic winged helmet honoring the 1938 champions as the Giants became a cornerstone in the foundation of the league. All of the team’s 2024 jerseys will feature the team’s “100 Seasons” patch.”

Honoring history is great. And the Giants have a remarkable history!

But these things are just plain hideous. There’s no way two ways about it.

And fans were quick to let the team know about it.

Team captain Bobby Okereke tried his best to sugarcoat it.

“I feel like it’s gritty and vintage,” Okereke said after he saw (and tried on) the uniform for the first time. “It’s a throwback to the 1920s, 1930s when they were out there just getting grimy. It’s a testament to all the guys who played before. They paved the way for us to play this great game.”

But who’s really believing that?

Just because you want to honor the past doesn’t mean you have to look awful while doing it.

(Looking at you, Philadelphia Eagles).

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