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The Sad Story of a Texas Cold Case Finally Solved After 50 Years

Once upon a time, convicted murderer Henry Lee Lucas was the Bogeyman of Texas.

Dead body? Lucas did it. Remains found in the forest? Lucas did it.

Confused? Let me paint a picture. In 1983, Henry Lee Lucas was arrested by a Texas Ranger. While he was in jail, he wrote a letter to the Williamson County sheriff claiming that he had killed many people and nobody would believe him.

Texas Rangers came out to question Lucas and he subsequently confessed to no less than six hundred murders. One of these murders was that of the 1976 homicide of Elizabeth Ann Price of Lubbock, Texas.


The Murder of Elizabeth Ann Price

On April 10, 1976, Lubbock Police were called out to 6200 North Cedar Avenue to the former Lubbock Regional Airport. Price was located deceased in the gate house. An investigation followed, evidence was collected, interviews conducted. Yet, nothing brought the case closer to identifying a culprit.

The case was added to the cold case files where it sat until 1984, when Lucas admitted to his murders. He was initially charged with the murder of Price in that year.

A Twist of Fate

If you thought it was impossible for someone to kill 600 people for so long, you would be correct. The vast majority of Henry Lee Lucas’ confessed murders were found to be confabulated, thanks to an in-depth expose done by The Dallas Times Herald. The charge against Lucas for killing Price was dropped in 1985.

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