BREAKING NEWS: Sad Astros fans in spacesuits go viral with Game 7 loss to ….

Sad Astros Fans in Spacesuits Go Viral During Game 7 Loss to Rangers

The Rangers easily trounced the Astros on Monday night in a blowout Game 7 to go to the World Series. On the path to the pennant, two Houston fans drew the attention of fans across the country with their anguish.

In the top of the fourth inning of the ALCS final, the Rangers scored four runs to grab a commanding 8-2 lead with the bases loaded, leaving Minute Maid Park absolutely stunned by the offensive onslaught. With the frame still active, Fox cameras shifted to Astros fans, brilliantly capturing the fan base in that moment.

The two grown men decided to attend the game in full NASA space gear in honour of the team’s name—but what was supposed to be a fun outfit only made them appear like two kids who didn’t get any candy for Halloween. Both fans were distraught, and their pouting captured the hearts of followers across the country. Of course, a number of admirers relished their misery.

Houston managed to escape the inning without giving up another run, but they lost 11-4.

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