BREAKING NEWS: The Blue Jays suffered another gut-punch loss, this time to the visiting the …

Blue Jays on the receiving end of another gut-punch loss, this time to the visiting Rays.

Davis Schneider doubled into the right-center gap in his first game as leadoff hitter with George Springer.

Then followed more hits, which led to genuine runs, as Toronto took a 4-0 lead. Everything looked too nice to be true. Reality then struck hard, revealing the Jays’ lack of power and a bullpen that is only effective when totally healthy.

This setback was not as difficult as the walk-off in Baltimore, but Saturday’s game against the Rays ended 5-4, giving Tampa the three-game series, with the finale scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

The key blow On Saturday, Jonny DeLuca launched a game-winning two-run homer off Jays reliever Nate Pearson in the eighth inning. Jays starter Kevin Gausman wasn’t horrible, but he wasn’t at his best, allowing more hits (8) than strikeouts (6) in his 102-pitch effort.

Yandy Diaz opened the game with a single, the first of three hits he would get off Gausman. In reality, Diaz led off the sixth inning with a hit into right field, allowing the Rays to score three runs as Toronto’s 4-0 advantage dwindled. Gausman’s day was over after six complete innings, as were the Rays’. Aside from a baserunning error by Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who attempted to extend a single, the Jays were much sharper than they have been all season.

One inning in particular, the top of the fifth, demonstrated the team’s ability to make defensive plays, including a pick-off at second when Gausman threw to the bag before Schneider put the tag. Schneider struck out looking with Garrett Cleavinger on the mound, which finished the game.

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