BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Donald announced his retirement this offseason after 10 seasons in the …..

Los Angeles Rams’ star Cooper Kupp opens door to potential Aaron Donald return

If Aaron Donald decides to come out of retirement this season, Los Angeles Rams star wide receiver Cooper Kupp has hinted that a position is still open.

After an incredible 10-season career in which he was one of the league’s most disruptive defensive linemen, Donald—regarded as possibly the best defensive player in NFL history—shocked fans by announcing his retirement.

While the team’s potential fate this season is unsettling to think about after Donald’s departure, Kupp recently disclosed in an NFL Network interview that Aaron’s locker is still “up and ready if he ever wants to come back”

In an emotional statement after Donald’s retirement, Kupp went on to say, “I’m so happy for him… but if he ever wanted to come back he’s more than welcome.”

The Rams are concentrating on building a new talent roster as they attempt to fill the vacuum left by Donald on their defensive line. Jared Verse, a defensive end for Florida State, was selected in the first round by them, and Verse’s college teammate Braden Fiske was selected in the second round, according to reports.

The Rams, who were considered favourites for the 2023 season, surprised everyone by winning a playoff spot and finished with a respectable 10-7 record. Following a thrilling season, Donald took some time to reflect on his future before declaring his retirement in March and making it plain that he had no intention of going into media or coaching after retirement.

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