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New York Giants unveil uniform to celebrate 100th season

IN RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSY — This season, the New York Giants are throwing back a few games. really vintage.


To commemorate their 100th season, the Giants created a unique “Century Red” jersey by going all the way back to their early years. To honour the team’s history, New York will don the unique throwbacks up to twice this season. The exact matches and times have not yet been disclosed.

The 1938 helmet, 1925 trousers and socks and a modified 1933 shirt make up the centenary uniform. With a focus on three significant dates—the team’s founding in 1925, their first NFL championship game appearance in 1933, and their first championship win in 1938—the team’s illustrious history is told through the new design of one of the oldest NFL clubs. Giants director of creative services Doug Murphy stated, “The Century Red uniform honours the players who laid the foundation of Giants football and puts a modern twist on some of our earliest uniforms.” “After bringing back many of our more current uniform combinations in the past, we carefully examined previous Giants outfits to guarantee historical authenticity. We’re happy that this outfit is

Nike and the Giants worked together to create a uniform that combines iconic elements from the team’s history with a contemporary aesthetic. For example, the modernised jerseys lack the lengthy sleeves that the 1933 original featured. For the goal of replication, great attention was paid to the tan trousers, red socks with a blue horizontal stripe, the squarish cut of the numbers, the blue collar and shoulder and the shape of the wings on the rear of the helmet.

The outfit serves as the most recent reminder that Big Blue was a possible Big Red. Prior to focusing mostly on blue and white, red constituted a larger portion of the Giants’ colour palette for the majority of the first thirty years. The introduction of an alternate jersey in 2004 brought back the primary red. The Giants haven’t had a great record in those throwbacks, finishing 1-3 from 2004 to 2007, as owner John Mara has mockingly lamented in the past.

The Giants have debuted a reimagined classic jersey for the second time in three years with the Century Red outfits. For the 2022 season, they debuted a reimagined version of their iconic 1980s and 1990s outfits. As part of their commemoration of their 100th season this fall, the Giants plan to wear both the new centenary edition of the jersey and the legacy uniform that was unveiled in 2022 during a game this season. This Thursday, they presented the 100th season patch that will be worn on all of their shirts.

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