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Only at the very best stadiums’: MCG ‘in talks’ to host NFL regular season game in 2025

According to Tom Morris of Nine Melbourne, the MCC and the Victorian government are in discussions with the NFL about holding a regular season game at the MCG in 2025. The NFL powerhouse has been keeping an eye on Australia for some time; the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles have both designated the nation as a “international marketing area.”

It has been suggested that a home game for the Rams would be the most sensible schedule, and 2026 seems to make the most sense given that is the year they will play nine home games (and therefore be most willing to play one overseas). Notably, because of the scheduling rotation, the Eagles will host the Rams in 2026.

However, Morris stated that negotiations are in progress to host a game at the MCG the following year. He stated on Monday night that “the MCC and the Victorian government are exploring the possibility of bringing a regular season game to the MCG.” “Talks are still in the early stages, but with the LA Rams’ prior experience in Australia and the direct flights connecting LA and Melbourne, I understand they are scheduled to host.

“It’s well known that the NFL only wants to play at the greatest venues, and the MCG is one of them. The game is scheduled to take place in October 2025 and February 2026. The AFL has access to the MCG in September, especially for the Grand Final in the latter week of the month, so that is most likely why the time is right.

It has long been believed that any NFL game involving Australia would take place during the first week of the season to give the teams time to adjust to the new time zone and fly across the Pacific. For identical reasons, the league will play its inaugural match in Brazil during the first week of the 2024 season. If it were done during the season, it would complicate matters unless both sides had a bye week the week before or the week following their match against Australia.

Nonetheless, the NFL travels to Europe to play games in the middle of the season, visiting places in Germany and London, and they might interpret an Australian game in a similar way. In 1999, the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers played an NFL exhibition game at Stadium Australia in Sydney. In 2016, the University of Hawaii and University of California played a college football game at the same venue.

Todd Gurley, a former Rams player, last year touted the possibility of an Australia match. “If you consider it, it’s not that far. The differences between what’s coming out here and what’s in Germany and Los Angeles aren’t that great. Flights from Los Angeles to Sydney take around four hours longer than those from Frankfurt, but after you get over 10 hours, it’s all the same, according to Gurley. “I think playing here would be a fantastic opportunity.

“I’m not sure how it would work, but I believe the NFL would need to require the teams to stay here for six or seven days in order to account for jet lag and to advance the sport.” That is how the London games began, but players only arrive three days prior to kickoff, making it difficult for them to adjust. Some of the players are travelling abroad for the first time, and they are headed to Mexico City, Germany, and London. They could come for the week, play the game, and then have a bye week, in my opinion. Without a doubt, I see it occurring.

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