Competitive Malik Nabers Wants to Get Up to Speed Quickly for Giants

  1. Competitive Malik Nabers Wants to Get Up to Speed Quickly for Giants

Nabers is hoping to hit the ground running for the New York Giants

New York Giants first-round pick Malik Nabers, who prides himself on being a competitor, wants to do everything.

Receivers coach Mike Groh learned that this weekend when he told the rookie that he wouldn’t be participating in everything they were doing with the drill.

“I (asked) him why,” Nabers said after that first practice. “That competitiveness in me is always going to show.”

For those wondering, no, that wasn’t a case of a rookie challenging a coach, but rather one of a rookie looking to do everything possible so that when he takes the field with the rest of the team, he’s ready to hit the ground running.

In other words, it’s all part of Nabers’ plan to help his new team.

“The level that I see myself playing, you know, as a player and as a competitive person, I’m always going to want to go fast,” Nabers said.


“(Head) Coach (Brian) Daboll tells me he knows the type of player you are, and you’re going to want to take in all the information at once.



With this offense, you’ve got to slow it down and take it step by step. For you to be where you want to be, you’ve got to know what you’ve got to do. For me to play at 100 miles per hour, I still have to know what I’ve got to do.”


What he’s got to do, or at least what the Giants hope he’ll do, is infuse some explosiveness into an offense that ranked dead last in explosive plays last year with 28.

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