Giants’ riskiest free agency move in 2024 NFL offseason

Giants’ riskiest free agency move in 2024 NFL offseason


The New York Giants are hoping to get back on track in the 2024 season after backsliding in 2023 and failing to make the playoffs.


They had multiple problems on both sides of the ball, but it was their offense that truly failed them. The Giants were 6-11 last year and they scored just 266 points, that ranked 30th of the 32 teams in the league.


Much of the problem was due to injuries. Quarterback Daniel Jones suffered a torn ACL against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 9, and the Giants did not have the kind of talent to make up for the loss of their QB1.


They also had an issue with their star running back Saquon Barkley. He was among the most vocal at his position who have had problems with the way running backs are paid throughout the NFL. While quarterbacks, wide receivers and dominant pass rushers are paid relative Kings ransoms, the NFL rarely pays star running backs the huge dollars that other positions earn.


It was clear that Barkley was unhappy with his employer and the situation faced by running backs, and the Giants decided to let him leave through free agency in the offseason. In an effort to make up for his absence, the Giants signed former Houston Texan Devin Singletary to move into his role as the team’s starting running back.


The Giants have added a player they think will be a dominant receiver in first-round draft choice Malik Nabers, but how long will it take for the Giants to build a cohesive offense? It can take a while for a team that has a quarterback returning from an injury, a rookie wide receiver and a new first-team running back to find its stride.

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