Singletary has big shoes to fill in Giants backfield

Singletary has big shoes to fill in Giants backfield


The Giants need a productive ground game if they are going to take pressure off of Jones as he returns from his ACL injury.


The Giants are expecting solid production from Singletary in his first year with the team. That seems fair, because he has been a decent back through his first five years in the league. However, he has not been a star or dominant to this point.


The 5-7, 203-pound back from Florida Atlantic spent his first four years with the Buffalo Bills and the 2023 season with the Texans. Consistency has been his hallmark as he has never rushed for less that 687 yards nor has he gained more than 898 yards on the ground.


He had his best season last year as he had a career-high 216 carries for 898 yards and 4 rushing touchdowns. He also caught 30 passes for 193 yards but he did not get into the end zone as a receiver.


The Giants should expect Singletary to gain between 700 and 850 yards, and the 216 carries he had last year is almost certainly his maximum. He does not have the size of some of the workhorse running backs around the league, and he could be at risk if he is asked to carry the ball as much as 20 times per game.


The Giants signed Singletary to a three-year, $16.5 million contract. He received a $3.75 million signing bonus and $9.5 million is guaranteed money.

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