Vikings mascot shades Giants over ‘Century Red’ anniversary uniforms

Vikings mascot shades Giants over ‘Century Red’ anniversary uniforms

The New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings will square off in Week 1 of the 2024 regular season — a game in which the Giants have opened as 1-point favorites.


Although the game is still months away, the trash-talking has already begun albeit from an unexpected source.


Shortly after the Giants unveiled their “Century Red” anniversary uniforms to help celebrate their 100th season, Viktor the Viking, Minnesota’s largely unknown mascot, decided to throw some shade.

Viktor’s hot take is similar to that of many others. The Giants’ “Century Red” uniforms have largely been panned as ugly and unflattering.


The historical context and organizational significance haven’t been enough to sway public opinion. Many view the uniforms as an abomination despite 1920s and 1930s football not exactly being remembered as a staple of fashion.


It’s hard to project style when you’re going back to 1925. It would be a lot easier for the Vikings, who were founded in 1960.

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